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Management and Leadership Training

The world of training is continually evolving. The days of funded training for a wide range of qualifications are gradually coming to an end. Funding is to be targeted at apprenticeships and for basic skills such as English, Maths and ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) etc. The way we want and like to learn is changing too especially with the advent of modern technology.

For management and leadership training the main options currently are –

1) Apprenticeships –

Degree apprenticeships, Level 6, Chartered Manager Degree Apprenticeship usually offered by very large employers with on the job training and off the job learning linked to a university.

The new Apprenticeship Standards offer two qualifications –

Operations/Departmental Manager, Level 5, Operations Departmental Manager

Team Leader/Supervisor, Level 3, Team Leader Supervisor

Eligibility criteria for employing an apprentice applies. However, the most a non-levy paying employer will be asked to pay (where necessary), is ten per cent of the agreed cost with the provider. Levy paying employers will pay from their Apprenticeship Service Accounts.

Focus Management for Business Ltd do not deliver apprenticeships and have no plans to do so.

2) Supported Qualification Distance Learning -

With supported qualifications you learn at your own pace, when it suits you. At Focus Management for Business Ltd, this is currently the most popular method with our clients, for attaining qualifications. Following an initial assessment to establish that you are embarking on the correct qualification for your job role, the learning is on a one to one basis by arrangement and not through a contact or call centre. Contact can be in person at our office or (more usually at a distance) by the use of Face Time. Further support is given by email and telephone. The flexibility suits many people as they can work within their workplace, study in their own time or, if their job takes them away for days or weeks at a time, many clients will take assignments and study with them, to continue with whilst away from home or will, by arrangement, take a short break from study until they return to their workplace. Their awarding body resources means they can usually access everything they need with a suitable internet connection. With the flexibility of supported learning, long days away from the workplace, sometimes with travel and overnight accommodation are a thing of the past. However, some clients do miss the interaction with other delegates and so prefer to learn in a group. Our supported qualifications are available at full commercial cost and are not funded.

3) Group based training –

Some people prefer to learn in a group situation where they can share experience, ideas and opinions. Group based training courses are normally delivered (both qualification and non-qualification based) in commercial conference rooms, in-house or at colleges etc., over a number of designated days with a required number of assignments submitted for qualification based training. With time at a premium for releasing staff to attend courses, for many companies group based training is becoming less favoured due to the fixed off-site time commitment. In addition courses generally only run if they have sufficient delegate take up. Group training is, however, a good option for any company or group of companies, who are able to release several staff for training on set dates and prefer not to use the apprenticeship route. Currently qualifications delivered on a group basis are rarely funded outside of learning loans. Applications for learning loans are usually made through Colleges and larger independent Training Providers who have funding contracts for the delivery of these loans.

4) Online and Distance Learning -

Some companies offer complete online courses for distance learning. Support can often be purely online through the learning package company by email or sometimes through a dedicated call centre. Online learning can be a cheaper option and may be ideal for some companies and their staff. Companies where staff are supported by being given the time to complete courses in the workplace (possibly with the provision of designated quiet study facilities), often find online learning ideal for their staff who are able to commit to learn and who prefer to complete courses this way.

Sue Yates 28th March 2017

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